Spanish Coin Notes with Errors

There are a few obsoletes depicting Spanish coins that have errors on them. Here are some major errors.

Double denomination. A Bank of Tennessee 10 cent note, Garland 1177, has "Five Cents" on the right end and "Ten Cents" on the left end. In most cases the error was "corrected" by removing the right end.
Inverted coin. A least one note has an inverted coin. The 12 1/2 cent note, Kelly 85.1.3, from Monococy Mills, Frederick County, Maryland has the 1 real coin image upside down. The note is pictured in Paper Money,  "Engraving Errors on Hard Times Currency," Robert A. Vlack, volume XXXIV, no. 3 (May/June, 1995), page 92 (Society of Paper Money Collectors).
Mirror image coin. At least one note has the Spanish coin depicted in mirror image. It is a Newberry District, South Carolina, 25 cent scrip note. You can see it pictured in the Numismatist,  "Illustrations of Coins on Obsolete Paper Money Issued in the United States, A Supplement," George D. Hatie, January, 1982, page 61 (American Numismatic Association). 

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Last Updated: March 7, 1998